About A Bell Carter

I am A. Bell Carter, a visual designer and educator. I run a collaborative graphic design studio and I have 20 years of experience serving businesses, publishers, and the arts.

I work with subject matter experts and editors to design and art direct effective print, online, and multi-media materials that reach students and inspire teachers. Whatever the scope of the project, I’ll bring together the talent and media needed to produce an exciting and educating experience.

Our creative collaborative combines great ideas and know-how to realize your marketing and branding objectives. We will work with you to develop your identity and promote your business via print materials, web, e-mail, and sales venues.

Paper books; e-books; gifts—any kind of compendium, magazine, novel, opus, lexicon, omnibus, paperback, periodical, tract, tome, or text. Check out this portfolio of cover and interior designs for a plethora of books on art, set design, fiction, bugs, cooking, parenting, language, trees, art, religion, stagecraft, animal husbandry, forensics, yoga, pharmacology, astrology, crafts, fishing, house plants, composting, poetry, neuroscience, oracles, working, not working, happiness, writing, teaching, neuroscience …

I’d be delighted if you got in touch to discuss a project.


Focal Press • Red Wheel/Weiser • Conari Press • Harvard Education Publishing Group • Bedford St Martin’s • Elsevier • Heinle • Wadsworth • Thomson Learning • Pearson Education • Prentice Hall • Options Publishing • Houghton Mifflin • Publicom • National Fire Protection Agency • Scholastic • Prentice Hall/Dorling Kindersly • Ligature Inc. • Skinner House Books • CFO Publishing • Unitarian Universalist Association• Cengage

CFO Magazine • Ken Silvia Design • Brady and Paul Communications • Oberlin College Alumni Magazine • TAB Newspapers • Christian Science Monitor • Berklee College of Music, Alumni Magazine • Design & Production Magazine • Modern Drummer • Albuquerque Journal • Compuserve Magazine • Vegetarian Times • Weekly Reader • Scholastic Publications • Treasury Magazine • Walking Magazine • Cooking Light • Harvard Business School Bulletin

Marketing (identity systems, direct-mail, and advertisements)
Boston Medical Center • Health Information Systems • MassDevelopment • Price Waterhouse • Education Next, Journal of Opinion and Research • CFO Publishing/Conferences • Oracle Software • Navision Software • Liberty Mutual Insurance • WigWax Records • Traveler’s Aid Family Services

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